Caddie Program

Tier of Caddies

Tier 3 Caddies: ($60 Minimum + Tip) Khaki Cap

Calculate yardage.
Maintain pace by staying in front of golfer and locating ball.
Replace divots/sand.
Rake bunkers.
Forecaddie on appropriate holes.
Stand quietly and politely.
Keep clubs and balls clean.
Understand the rules of golf.
Illustrate courtesy during round.
Assist with the course upkeep.
Follow instructions.
Demonstrate attentiveness and a good attitude.
Demonstrate work ethic.

Tier 2 Caddies: ($80 Minimum + Tip) Navy Cap

Everything “Tier 3” Caddies do +
Possess advanced knowledge of golf and the course.
Provide direction of the wind.
Calculate yardage to penalty areas & bunkers.
Provide service to multiple golfers at once.
Encourage and train inexperienced caddies.
Act as role models.
Basic Green Reading.

Tier 1 Caddies: ($100 Minimum + Tip) Green Cap

Everything “Tier 3” and “Tier 2” caddies do +
Provide expert advice.
Assist Caddie Manager with everyday operations.
Assist during training sessions.
Mentor 3 and 2 caddies.
Advanced Green Reading.

Most often, first-year caddies are referred to as Tier 3 caddies. These caddies often require guidance and patience. Ideally, the Caddie Master will be able to pair Tier 3 caddies with more experienced caddies to help with training and maintain pace of play. Once a caddie gets experience, they will often be promoted to the Tier 2 rank. Tier 2 caddies perform many of the same duties as Tier 3 caddies, but they do it at a higher standard. Once a Tier 2 caddie has mastered those responsibilities, he or she should be promoted to the highest rank – Tier 1 caddie. The caddies who perform at the highest level will not only become leaders among their peers, but they will often earn larger gratuities and get requested more frequently for special events. By accurately classifying caddies of different experience levels and abilities, it will help create a good mix of newer and experienced caddies and satisfy the membership. Golfers taking caddies may often prefer different levels of service for various reasons. Following each round that golfers take a caddy they will receive an email with a link to a quick survey. Please take a few moments to let us know how we can make your experience better.